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Little Hands on the Farm

In this award-winning exhibit, children become farmers for a day. By participating in fun, hands-on activities, kids begin to understand the agriculture connection from Farm to Grocery Store.

It is a favorite destination for children ages 2-10.

Little Hands on the Farm is managed daily by Utah FFA Chapters from all over the state.

exhibit closes at 8pm nightly.

What will kids do on the farm?

Start Barn

At the Start Barn, you begin your "visit" to the farm. Put on your apron, grab a basket, we have many products to "harvest".

Grain Silo

Our first stop is the real grain silo. Collect some feed for the animals. Put it in your basket and head for the Hog Barn.

Hog Barn

Sponsored by Utah Pork Producers

Take the feed that you picked up in the grain silo and put it into the pig's feed trough. While you're there, learn a little bit more about the most intelligent of our domestic animals, pigs!

Dairy Barn -

Sponsored by UNBOTTLED

Then take a turn and milk the cow. On your way to the Farmers Market, grab a carton of milk and add it to your basket.


Pick an apple from the tree and put it in your basket.

The Garden


Here you can "plant" a seed on one side and "dig" up a vegetable on the other.

Sheep Barn

Groom the sheep and take a piece of wool for your basket.

Tractor Loop

sponsored by tractor supply

Fill up your tractor with fuel then circle the loop to check on your farm.

Tractor BARN

A broken tractor will ruin a farm! Work on the broken tractors with the tools.

Chicken Coop

Gather an egg from one of the many chickens on the farm.


Learn more about bee keeping!

Farmers Market


At the Farmers Market, you can drop off each item that you harvested on your visit to the farm. Place each item into separately marked bins. Then return your basket. The store clerk will buy your harvest items for Little Hands on the Farm "Money". Now head over to the Grocery Store and spend your earnings!

Grocery Store

Here you can use all your hard earned money from working on the farm to purchase a real agricultural product such as milk, an apple, granola bar, or other product.

special thanks to our sponsors

Utah FFA
Utah Pork Producers
Tractor Supply
Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food
Utah Farm Bureau
Utah's Own
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