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Nicki Claeys

We love our sponsors!

We know how much advertising your business can cost. We have a built-in audience just for you! Allow us to place your brand in front of our half million annual visitors!


  • The Utah State Fairpark & Event Center is run by the Utah State Fair Corp, a public 501c3.
  • Each year the Fairpark hosts hundreds of events public and private equalling nearly half a million visitors.
  • Your brand could be seen at festivals, concerts, rodeos, skateboard competitions, the new International Market, and of course the Utah State Fair.
  • Get hundreds of thousands of eyes on your brand in a short amount of time.
    • 46,000 followers on social media
    • Over 1,000,000 views on our website in a year
    • Over 50,000 contacts on our email list
  • We have one of the biggest and most diverse audiences in Utah!
  • We customize each sponsorship to fit exactly what you need (i.e. booth space, branding, signage, promotions, traffic drivers, and more!)
  • We work with YOUR budget and marketing goals.
There is no limit on your potential return on investment! Get your customized sponsor package started today!
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