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Fairpark Master Plan

The need for a new master plan arises from the Utah State Fairpark ("Fairpark") and its Board seeking to utilize the Fairpark's grounds better, safeguard cultural institutions like the Utah State Fair ("the Fair"), and affect positive change throughout Salt Lake City. The Fairpark also recognizes it has many under-utilized assets and has an opportunity to build better connections to its surroundings.
Lastly, Fairpark is exploring options for enhancing its property with income-generating opportunities that support its continued service to the community.
This master plan addresses the Fairpark's current challenges and researches the following areas:
  • Surrounding developments and their influence
  • Public input and further integration of local interest
  • Optimizing the Fairpark's layout and operational flow
  • Improving and better utilizing the White Ballfield
  • Integration of the Jordan River into the grounds
  • Strategies for parking, transit, and pedestrian access
  • The "Food Desert" and other opportunity gaps
  • Historic preservation of existing assets
  • Economic development opportunities at the Fairpark
  • Non-event related sources of sustainable income
  • Phasing of potential improvements
  • Costs associated with possible development
Read more about the Master Plan by downloading the .pdf files above.
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