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Barnyard Friends

Utah Farm Bureau's Barnyard Friends is an engaging experience that combines agricultural education with delightful displays of baby farm animals.

Learn about the proper care of farm animals. From feeding to grooming, visitors will understand how to keep these furry and feathered friends healthy.

Each animal has a vital role in production agriculture. Visitors will discover how cows provide milk, chickens lay eggs, and the many other ways animals contribute to our lives.

Witness the magic of life as you watch a chick hatch from its egg. It’s a captivating moment that teaches about growth and development.

Newborn Wonders: Marvel at the adorable sight of newborn baby lambs, goats, calves, and piglets. These little creatures represent the future of our farms.

Barnyard Friends brings the farm to life, fostering curiosity and appreciation for the natural world.


Utah Farm Bureau
Utah Dept. of Agriculture & Food
Western Ag Credit
Utah Pork Producers
Cache Valley Bank
Producers Livestock
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