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FL1 - First Show
Entries Received: September 4th (12PM - 6PM)
September 5th (7 AM-9AM)
Entries Released: September 8th after 7pm

FL2 - Second Show
Entries Received: September 8th (7PM - 9:30PM)
September 9th (7AM-9AM)
Entries Released: September 12th after 7pm

FL3 - Third Show
Entries Received: September 12th (7PM-9:30PM)
September 13th (7AM-9AM)
Entries Released: September 16th from 9AM-11AM

**Updated on Entry drop off/pick up Instructions will be posted soon**

update 6/13/2024

Entry Fee: $1.50 per entry



  1. No exhibitor is allowed in the building during judging.
  2. Judges may not exhibit in a section they are judging.
  3. A standard system of awards will be used. For each lot one first, one second, and one third place will be given, if merited. A placing may be withheld if no exhibit is found worthy.
  4. Honorable mentions will also be given to any worthy entry.
  5. Judge's decision's are final.


1. All shows are open to the public

2. For the First show entries will be accepted between 12 pm - 6 pm. Entries will be accepted between 7 am - 9:30 am on the first day of shows 2 and 3 or between 7 pm - 9:30 pm the night before.

3. When bringing your exhibits enter through Gate 17 (approximately 1200 W on 300 N near the Days of 47 Arena). For the second and third floriculture show we will have an ambassador meet you at gate 17 and load your items onto a golf cart and bring you into the fair park. You will leave your vehicle at a designated location at gate 17. (This information is subject to change prior to fair.)

4. The supervisor shall have the right to remove, at any time, any exhibit or part of an exhibit which has become unsightly or is infested by insects.

5. Exhibits must be picked up on the listed release dates, during the designated times, unless arrangements are made with the department supervisor prior to pick up day.

6. When claiming exhibits use the entry receipt secured on the day of entry.

7. All entries must be completed online or on the regular entry form and must be Completely Filled In.

8. To receive payment, both the top and bottom of the entry tag must contain your name, Division and Class you are entering.

9. All varieties of flowers should be named or identified.

10. Exhibitors must furnish their own containers.

11. Exhibitors may have only one entry in each Class.

12. Incorrectly placed entries may be disqualified.

13. Flowers in the Horticulture section must have been grown by the exhibitor, but not necessarily in the Artistic Section. For cut flowers, emphasis is placed on local garden grown varieties, not a cut house plant.

14. An entry can be exhibited and judged at only one show. Do not re-enter it.

15. Employees in this department may enter displays, but may not compete for premiums.

16. Plants which have seed pods may be entered where applicable.


Premiums Horticulture Artistic
1st Place $4.50 $4.50
2nd Place $3 $3
3rd Place $1.50 $1.50
4th Place Ribbon Ribbon

Best of Show

Best of Show: (awarded per show)

*In order to award a Best of Show rosette in any division there must be at least a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awarded in that division.

1 Rosette per Division A, B, C and D (Possible 4 per show)

1 Rosette per category in Division E Artistic Design for (Possible 4 total per show)

One Show Champion per show: There will be one overall Champion per show. There will be a monetary award of $25 , a Rosette and an Award given. (3 total)

One Grand Champion : This will be all three shows combined. There will be one monetary award of $75, a Rosette and an Award given for the entire floral show.


Age as of entry date:

FL*O-OPEN - Any exhibitor 18+ years old

FL*T-TEEN - Any exhibitor age 11-17 years old

FL*K-KIDS - Any exhibitor under age 11

*When registering there will be a 1,2 or 3 where the * is depending on which flower show you are entering.


Judging Scale for Cut Flowers

Color, Substance, Abundance of Bloom 25%
Size, According to Species or Variety 25%
Foliage and Stem 10%
Form 25%
Condition 15%
TOTAL 100%

Please identify each plant before you enter it. Names, colors, etc. must accompany each entry in this section. Do not bring the following poisonous plants: Datura (Jimson Weed, Moonflower), Castor Bean or Night Shade.

Note: Collections equal 3 or 5 stems of the same species.

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