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Zion Building

Constructed in 1930, the Zion Building stands as a testament to architectural elegance and functionality. The exterior's red brick facade, adorned with a hipped gable roof, evokes a sense of timeless beauty. As you step inside, the interior unfolds into a captivating space where a gorgeous wooden vaulted ceiling mingles with strategically placed skylights, creating a harmonious play of natural light and rustic charm.

This harmonious fusion of elements crafts a warm and inviting atmosphere, making the Zion Building an exceptional choice for a diverse range of events. From enchanting weddings and impactful fundraisers to dynamic cooking classes and sophisticated luncheons, the venue adapts seamlessly to the unique needs of each occasion.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Zion Building is a versatile canvas that invites creativity and customization. The historic charm of this space adds a layer of significance to any event hosted within its walls, creating a memorable experience for guests. Embrace the perfect blend of classic allure and contemporary convenience at the Zion Building, where every detail converges to make your event truly special.

Square Footage: ~ 9,200 Total Guests: 300 Banquet
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