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Grand Building

Intrinsic beige and red brick. Natural woods. Massive industrial steel. Living up to its name, The Grand Building's impressive structure will not only meet the demands of your event, it will add personality and character virtually impossible to capture anywhere else. The Grand is comprised of two main floors. The top level contains such elements as Salt Lake's largest permanent wooden dance floor, vaulted ceilings, and the majestic chandeliers from what was formerly the historic Hotel Utah.

The bottom floor is made up of one massive room with oversized and extravagant entryways on both sides. Together, these floors boast the largest holding capacity of the Fairpark's buildings.

Historically, the Grand Building served a variety of purposes. It was built in 1905 by the American Bridge Company and was used for industrial exhibits in the early Fair years. Later it was utilized in a number of different ways-some unusual and some rather unusual. In fact, during WWII it even housed Army Air Force pilots.

Since then the Grand building has been completely renovated and continues to mesmerize its occupants today. The historic and architectural elements combined are what make the Grand Building not only grand is size but in grand stature.

The Grand Building has garnered prestigious recognition, earning two awards of merit from both the Utah Society of A1A and the Utah Heritage Foundation. These accolades underscore the building's significance and contribution to the cultural and architectural heritage of Salt Lake, making it a revered venue for those seeking an unparalleled experience in a historic setting.

Square Footage: 26,000 Total Guests: 2,400 empty capacity
DIMENSIONS 93'x168' 81'x172'
SQUARE FOOTAGE 13,695 13,932
BANQUET 600 750
THEATER 840 840
RECEPTION 1,200 1,200

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Main Level


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