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Bonneville Building

Step into a piece of history with the Bonneville Building, a unique venue built in 1975 that embraces its vintage roots, offering a nostalgic and timeless charm that sets it apart from modern venues. The unique aesthetic provides a backdrop that sparks conversations and adds character to any occasion.

The building boasts a spacious layout that can adapt to your event needs. The accordion wall allows you to customize the space, transforming it into two distinct sections or keeping it open for larger gatherings.

Enjoy the convenience of a small concessions kitchen equipped with a sink and refrigerator. Whether you're hosting a corporate retreat, group meeting, or celebratory party, this kitchenette is a practical addition for catering needs.

The Bonneville is ideal for retreats: group meetings or trainings, parties and more.

Square Footage: ~7,500 Total Guests: 600 empty capacity
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