SEPTEMBER 10-20 2020
Utah State Fair

2019 Poultry Department

DEPARTMENT 60 -1st Show
DEPARTMENT 260 - 2nd Show - Ribbons & Trophies Awarded - No Premiums 



Lee Barnes


Entry Deadline - August 23

Entry Fee - $2.00 per bird / $3.00 per trio*

*entry per bird, per show


Arrival & Release Schedule

  Arrival Release
  Sept 5 - 8 to 10 AM  Sept 8 - after 8 PM 


Judging Schedule

Sept 6 9:00 a.m.  
Judge - Tracy Hill, Amarillo, TX
Judge - Don Barger, Salinas, CA 


Special Rules

Exhibitors are required to read and abide by the General Rules, Health Regulations, and Livestock General Rules.

The Utah State Fair is a member of the American Poultry Association and will conduct the Poultry Exhibition under their show rules.

** Exhibitors should check the online entry list of breeds at - breeds not listed will be judged together under Other Not Listed. **

1. One season pass will be given to each breeder entering 12 or more birds.
2. Entry forms must include the following information: Variety - whether Large Fowl or Bantam - Leg Band Number - whether Cock, Cockerel, Hen, Pullet, Young Trio or Old Trio - whether exhibitor is Jr (under 16 years of age) or Sr. *When entering online, enter leg band number in description.
3. Any special late release requirements must be cleared with Supervisor in advance. Exhibits that have been shipped in will be returned collect at a value of $5 per bird unless otherwise specified.
4. The show management will not be responsible for any damage, accident or death during transit of any exhibits being shipped to the show.
5. All single birds will be cooped separately, if space permits. Trios will be cooped in two coops. One cock and two hens constitute an old trio, one cockerel and two pullets constitute a young trio.
6. All birds must have numbered LEG BANDS and the band number noted on the entry form. *When entering online, enter leg band number in description. Entries without leg bands will not be accepted and will be sent back. DO NOT NEGLECT THIS. It will be impossible to identify the birds and they will therefore, not be judged.
7. No exhibitor or member of his immediate family will be allowed to enter more than ten varieties in the aggregate.
8. No fighting game birds allowed.
9. All eggs laid during the exhibition will be collected by the Supervisor, their vitality will be destroyed and they shall become the property of the Fair.
10. Exhibitors may receive up to three (3) ribbons/awards per lot.

Health Regulations
1. Sick birds will not be accepted. The Supervisor or his assistant shall be the judge as to what constitutes a sick bird. No healthy birds are to be removed from the exhibit room without permission from the supervisor.
2. An exhibitor shall not enter birds exposed to or affected with any contagious or infectious disease. Refer to Health Regulations governing exhibits of livestock. These rules will be enforced by the Utah Department of Agriculture. The show management shall return to the owner any bird showing symptoms of contagious or infectious diseases.
3. All birds on exhibit shall be inspected daily by a competent and qualified person.
4. Show coops and cups shall be of such material that they can be kept sanitary.

1. The official show rule regulations of the APA and ABA will govern the placings of awards.
2. If a judge does not consider an exhibit typical of a standard breed according to the classification rule above, there will be no premium money awarded.
3. A judge shall not be interrupted while judging. Exhibitors will not be allowed in aisle while judging is taking place.
4. No exhibitor will receive more than 2 monies in any one lot.

Classifications and Awards

All standard varieties listed in the American Standard of Perfection and Bantam varieties listed in the ABA Bantam Standard may be entered. We reserve the right to combine varieties for competition, if not enough entries under each lot.

Cash awards for singles in each lot will be made as follows on Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet (Cockerel and Pullet hatched in 2017).

Utah State Fair Pays:

# in Lot 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1 to 2 $3.00 $2.00      
3 to 4 $3.50 $2.50 Ribbon Ribbon  
5 to 9 $4.50 $3.50 $2.50 Ribbon Ribbon
10 to 14 $5.50 $4.50 $3.00 Ribbon Ribbon
15 to 19 $6.50 $5.50 $3.50 Ribbon Ribbon


Cash awards for old trios (Cock and two hens) and young trios (cockerel and two pullets) will be as follows:

Utah State Fair Pays:

# in Lot 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
One entry $3.50      
Two entries $4.50 $3.50    
Three entries $5.50 $4.50 $3.50 Ribbon
Four to six entries $6.50 $5.50 $3.50 $2.50



1 trophy for the best American
1 trophy for the best Asiatic
1 trophy for the best Continental
1 trophy for the best English
1 trophy for the best Mediterranean
1 trophy for the best AOC
1 trophy for the best Champion Trio
1 trophy and $10 for the Champion Large Fowl

1 trophy for the best Feathered Leg
1 trophy for the best Rose Comb Clean Leg
1 trophy for the best Single Comb Clean Leg
1 trophy for the best AOC Clean Leg
1 trophy for the best O.E. Game
1 trophy for the best Modern Game
1 trophy for the best Champion Trio
1 trophy and $10 for the Champion Bantam

CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY AWARDS - Made on the following: (Large fowl and bantams competing in separate classes).
1 trophy for the best display of any one variety (large fowl) in the show. (Display shall consist of at least one cock, one hen, one cockerel, one pullet and one trio.)
1 trophy for the best display of any one variety (bantam) in the show. (Display shall consist of at least one cock, one hen, one cockerel, one pullet and one trio.)
1 trophy for best bird in show entered by a novice under 16 years of age. (Winners of the trophy at a previous Fair will not be eligible for this trophy).
1 trophy for Champion Waterfowl.

The Utah Fancy Poultry Association will award a trophy to the Best Bird In Show.

Association Awards

PO Box 127, Augusta, New Jersey 07822 / (973) 383-8633
Email: / Website:

SPECIAL MEET: Only ABA members are eligible to compete for ABA awards. Dues are $20.00 a year or $50.00 for three years. New members receive a copy of the quarterly and the latest available copy of the Annual American Bantam Association Year Book which lists many advertisers and includes a complete breed and variety index. Winners of ABA awards are listed in the year book under Who's Who in Bantams. Starred wins are earned in classes of 100 or more in the following: - Champions and Reserve Champions in the seven bantam divisions; - Best and Reserve of Breed and Variety; - Best Display when 7 or more bantam displays are shown; - Best and Reserve Display when 10 or more bantam displays are shown; - Best and Reserve Trio when 30 or more trios are shown by 4 or more exhibitors.
A single bird is eligible for only one award and can earn only one starred win.
* Personalized Certificates to Champion and Reserve Champion Bantam.
* $1 Bantam Buck for Champion and Reserve for all seven Bantam divisions, provided there are 25 birds competing, plus a free listing in the upcoming ABA Yearbook in the section Who's Who in Bantams.
* $1 Bantam Buck for Champion and Reserve Champion in all other classes of 100 or more, plus a listing in the upcoming yearbook in the section Who's Who in Bantams.
** Awards are subject to change.


Pat Horstman, Secretary / PO Box 306, Burgettstown, PA 15021
724-729-3459 /

The APA invites you to become a member. Annual dues are $15/year or $40/3 years, $25/year outside the US and Canada; Jr dues (for those 18 and under) are $10/year. Endowment Trust Life membership $240. All Annual and Endowment Trust Life members receive our yearbook and are eligible to earn points toward a Master Exhibitor award. Every member is eligible for the awards at this show. A minimum of 5 Master Exhibitor award points will be awarded to any qualified win at this show.

APA ribbons awarded for the following Class Champions: Large Chickens: American, Asiatic, English, Mediterranean, Continental, All Other Standard Breeds
Bantams: Modern Game, Old English Game, Single Comb Clean Legged, Rose Comb Clean Legged, All Other Comb Clean Legged, Feather Legged
Ducks: Heavy, medium, light and bantam
Geese: Heavy, medium, and light
Guinea Fowl
Special APA Medals for Show Champion and Show Reserve

An APA ribbon will be awarded for the following Champions shown by junior exhibitors: Champion Large Chicken, Champion Bantam Chicken, Champion Duck, Champion Goose, Champion Turkey, Champion Guinea Fowl.

All judging will be by the latest edition of the American Standard of Perfection, copyrighted by the American Poultry Association, Inc. Application for membership may be made at the show or may be sent to the American Poultry Association, but application must be made prior to the judging to be eligible for the APA awards.


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