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FFA Crops, Floriculture & AG Mechanics

FFA Crops & AG Mechanics

Buddy Deimler, State FFA Advisor
McKena Wallentine, State Executive Secretary


Entry is open to all FFA members in Utah, who are registered with teachers of agricultural science and technology in the various high schools of the state and who are active FFA members. Every member who desires to exhibit must properly fill out the entry form and have the agriculture teacher certify that the exhibitor is the sole owner of the exhibit. Except for designated collective exhibits, all entries must be made in the name of the member who owns the exhibit.

Placing & Release of Exhibits

All crops and agricultural mechanics exhibits must be at the Fairpark on Wed, Sept. 9 from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Exhibits will be released on Sun. Sept. 20 after 10:00 pm - or when deemed safe by Fair management. Crop exhibits become the property of the Fair to be used or disposed of as they deem proper. Exhibits may also be claimed on Monday, September 21st to avoid the late hour and limited access on Sunday.

Entry Forms

*Important - one exhibitor per entry form and entry form must list the chapter the exhibitor is a member of.
Entry forms must be filled out neatly and completely and must accompany the exhibits at entry time. Each exhibitor must use a separate entry form. Exhibit must be complete before the Fair entry passes will be issued.


ENTRIES DUE: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm
JUDGING DATE - Friday, September 11, 2020

  • Crops: 8:30 am
  • Floriculture: 8:30 am
  • Ag Mechanics: 11:00 am

FFA Crop

Dept. 923
FFA Crops Exhibit Chairs:
Doug Stokes - Syracuse High School
Hailey Bass - Bonneville High School


To provide an opportunity for FFA members to:

  • Display crops that were grown as part of a Supervised Agricultural Experience project.
  • Promote the knowledge of crop production through competition
  • Recognize individual and group accomplishments in the area of crop exhibits
  • Provide an opportunity for the public to develop an appreciation of this important phase of FFA programs


  • Box - 11" wide x 15" long - filled, unless quantity specified
  • Plate - 9" x 5" - filled, unless quantity specified

NOTE: Where there are fewer than five entries in a lot, the judges will determine the relative merits of the exhibits and indicate the premiums accordingly. (A single entry will not necessarily receive first place unless it is worthy of such premium placing.)

GRAINS - Class A


One (1) Quart Bottle Full
Lot Number

1. Barley 3. Wheat
2. Oats 4. Other Threshed Grain - must specify


One (1) Quart Bottle Full
Lot Number

5. Alfalfa 7. Field Beans
6. Clover 8. Field Peas


Sheaf diameter 2" & tied in two places or gallon bag
Lot Number

9. Alfalfa 13. Haylage
10. Barley 14. Oats
11. Corn Silage 15. Wheat
12. Grasses 16. Other Sheaf Grain/Forage Crop - must specify


Ten (10) ears or Three (3) stalks, tied in three (3) places
Lot Number

17. Dent - Ears 21. Popcorn - Stalks
18. Hybrid Dent - Ears 22. Silage - Stalks
19. Indian - Ears 23. Sweet Corn - Stalks
20. Indian - Stalks 24. Other - Ears - must specify


Lot Number

25. Sunflower Heads



* Freshly picked, no canning items*


Ripe - Five (5) fruit with stem removed - any variety
Lot Number

1. Large table variety - 2 1/2" & larger 5. Small table variety (10 fruits) - 1/2" to 1"
2. Mature Green 6. Tomatillo
3. Medium table variety - 1" to 2 1/2" 7. Other Tomato varieties - must specify
4. Roma type


Five (5) fruit
Lot Number

8. Bell - Green 14. Chili - Long Red
9. Bell - Red 15. Chili - Long Yellow
10. Bell - Yellow 16. Habanero
11. Chili - Hot, Green 17. Jalapeno
12. Chili - Hot, Red 18. Sweet Cherry
13. Chili - Long Green 19. Other Pepper - must specify


Two (2) fruit - any color
Lot Number

20. Egg Plant



Four (4) bulbs
Lot Number

21. Red 23. Yellow Sweet
22. White Sweet 24. Other Onion - must specify


Three (3) mature plant bunch
Lot Number

25. Leeks


Three (3) bulb bunch
Lot Number

26. Garlic



Ten (10) pods
Lot Number

27. Green Beans 29. Other Beans - must specify
28. Yellow Beans


Ten (10) Pods
Lot Number

30. Green - Edible 31. Pod Green - Shelling Variety


Five (5) roots
Lot Number

32. Beets 34. Radish
33. Carrots 35. Turnips


Two (2) heads
Lot Number

36. Broccoli 38. Cauliflower
37. Cabbage



Two (2) fruits
Lot Number

39. Cantaloupe 41. Watermelon
40. Honeydew 42. Other Melons - must specify


Two (2) fruits
Lot Number

43. Large - over 12" in diameter 45. Miniatures
44. Medium - 6-12" in diameter 46. Other Pumpkins - must specify


Two (2) fruits
Lot Number

47. Crookneck 49. Zucchini - Yellow
48. Zucchini - Green 50. Other Summer Squash - must specify


Two (2) fruits
Lot Number

51. Spaghetti 54. Butternut
52. Acorn 55. Hubbard
53. Banana 56. Other Winter Squash - must specify


Two (2) fruits
Lot Number

57. Lemon 59. Slicing
58. Pickling 60. Other Cucumber - must specify


61. Celery - (2) 64. Other Vegetable - must specify *Not listed above
62. Okra - (4)
63. Potatoes - (4)

FRUITS - Class C

*Freshly picked, no canning items*


Five (5) fruit
Lot Number

1. Apples 5. Pears
2. Cherry - 20 pieces 6. Plums
3. Nectarines 7. Other Tree Fruit - must specify
4. Peaches


Twenty (20) fruit
Lot Number

8. Grapes 11. Strawberries
9. Blackberries 12. Other Vine & Bush Fruit - must specify
10. Raspberries


Lot Number

1. Honey - extracted (pint) 4. Eggs - other (dozen)
2. Honey - comb (1 lb.) 5. Extracted Crop Oils (pint)
3. Eggs - white (dozen) 6. Other - must specify


1. AET Record Book - Printed and in a Binder
2. Mounted photographs or supervised agricultural experience program - 6 or more pictures mounted, with caption, on 18" x 24" white poster board

FFA Floriculture

Dept. 924
FFA Floriculture Exhibit Chair:
George Wardell - Orem High School


To provide an opportunity for FFA members to:

  • Display projects or arrangements made as part of Agriculture Class Labs and/or as Supervised Agricultural Experience projects
  • Promote the developmental of skills in floriculture through competition
  • Recognize individual and group accomplishments in the area of floricuture
  • Provide an opportunity for the public to develop an appreciation of this important phase of FFA programs



Min (3), Max (7) - must be in vase or jar
Lot Number

1. Annuals - any type or variety annual
2. Perennials - any type or variety perennial


Lot Number

3. Single Stem 5. Collection (8-10 pressed)
4. Arrangement


Lot Number

6. Bud Vase 10. Every Day - $1-25
7. Corsage or Boutonniere 11. Every Day - $26-50
8. Holiday 12. Every Day - $51-75
9. Sympathy 13. Every Day - $76-100

FFA Agricultural Mechanics Show

FFA Agricultural Mechanics Chair:

David Shaffer: Bear River High School

  • Exhibits Due: 3:30-6:00 pm Wednesday, September 4th
    • South side of the Livestock Auction Office
  • Judging: 10:00 am Friday, September 6th
  • Exhibits Released: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday, September 16th


  • To display projects constructed or refurbished in Agricultural Mechanics Laboratories and/or as Supervised Agricultural Experience projects
  • To promote the development of skills in agricultural mechanics through competition
  • To recognize individual and group accomplishments in the area of agricultural mechanics based on the Utah Strands and Standards within Agricultural Systems 1, Agricultural Systems 2, Advanced Agricultural Mechanics, and Agricultural Machinery Courses
  • To provide an opportunity for the public to develop an appreciation of this important component of Utah FFA Programs


  1. All Agriculture Mechanics entries are subject to the 2019 Rules of the Utah State Fair FFA Crops, Floriculture and Agricultural Mechanics Show.
  2. Exhibitors must be enrolled and attending Agricultural classes in a Utah School AND be a member in good standing of an FFA Chapter within the Utah FFA Association. High school graduates are only eligible if their graduation took place within the last 9 months.
  3. A project can be exhibited only one time at the Utah State Fair. The exhibit constructed, fabricated or reconditioned must have been completed within one calendar year of the exhibition date.
  4. Exhibitors must have constructed their projects under the supervision of their FFA Advisor as part of their Supervised Agricultural Experience project in agricultural mechanics area. FFA Chapter projects are accepted in the appropriate classes.
  5. All projects must be clean, painted, or treated and in presentable condition even though they may have been used.
  6. Projects in this show are to be based upon the Utah Strands and Standards within Agricultural Systems 1, Agricultural Systems 2, Advanced Agricultural Mechanics, and Agricultural Machinery Courses. Projects determined to be outside of the classes defined below are not eligible in this department and must be entered in other appropriate departments of the Fair.
  7. Each project must have its own entry paperwork associated with the project. Any project that does not fit in one of the stated classes is not eligible to exhibit. The Utah State Fair FFA Agricultural Mechanics Committee reserves the right to move any entry into another Class or Lot if it is deemed to fit there.
  8. Precautions will be taken to protect the projects entered: however, neither the Utah State Fair no officials of this committee will be responsible for any loss or damage to any exhibit. Projects may have to be placed on concrete, pavement, or dirt and it will be the exhibitor's responsibility to provide any needed means, within reason, to protect the project during exhibition. Covers or tarps may be used to protect the exhibit but will be furnished and maintained by the exhibitor.
  9. The Utah State Fair reserves the right to display entries as space and quantity allows. It is possible that large projects may be displayed at an alternate location.
  10. The FFA record book (AET Single Experience SAE Report) is required for all projects entered with the following attachments:
    1. Blueprints of the project (neat paper and pencil drawings are acceptable)
    2. 6 clear pictures of the project, through various stages of design, preparation, and fabrication.
    3. A bill of materials including materials needed, equipment used, etc.
  11. Once the project is entered, the project cannot be removed or used until it has been released from the show.
  12. No late entries allowed. A gate pass will be issued to each exhibitor at check-in.
  13. All exhibitor information supplied to Utah State Fair must be filled out completely.
  14. An individual may collect only one prize money in each lot.
  15. Classes with less than four (4) entries are subject to be combined with another class.
  16. Each project must be identified by the appropriate exhibit tag. The Committee Chairman must approve any signs or banners before they are displayed on any projects.
  17. All safety procedures must be adhered to when displaying projects including, but not limited to:
    1. Appropriate and safe display stands provided for gates, panels and any other projects needing support.
    2. Sharp edges and points (as on feeder roofs, bale movers, etc.) must be marked, padded, or covered to prevent injury.
    3. All trailers and other equipment that are operated on or transported on public roads must be equipped with safety equipment as stated in the latest DOT publication.
    4. All three-point hitch and P.T.O. operated equipment is to meet ASAE standards and specifications.


The decisions of the judges as well as the announced results will be final.
Exhibits in the Utah State Fair FFA Agricultural Mechanics Show will be judges in the areas of craftsmanship and engineering. Each area is worth 100 points for a total of 200 points and will be broken down as follows:

Craftsmanship (100 points)

Design and Fit Up 30pts
Weld Quality 30pts
General Appearance and Finish Work 40pts

Engineering (100 points)

Usefulness/Practical 20pts
Plans (neat paper & pencil are acceptable) 15pts
Degree of Difficulty 25pts
Material Selection 20pts
Overall 20pts


Blue: 150 - 200 points
Red: 100 - 149 points
White: 99 points and below

Ribbons & Premiums

Blue - $20
Red - $17
White - $15


Lot Number

1. Tri-fold Display of projects completed, and skills learned during Agricultural Mechanics courses. (Beginner-Advanced Agricultural Mechanics Program)

2. Class Metal Project

3. Class Wood Project


*Does not include permanent grill/cooking trailers
Lot Number
1. Bumper Pull Trailers (5000lb gross capacity and above)

2. Bumper Pull Trailers (4999lb gross capacity and below)

3. Gooseneck Trailer (7000lb gross capacity and above)

4. Gooseneck Trailer (6999lb gross capacity and below)


Lot Number
1. Hay Equipment, Spraying Equipment, Mounted and Pull-Type Equipment, Hydraulic Equipment

2. Shop Equipment

3. Truck, Tractor or Ag Equipment Accessory (Bumpers, Headache Racks, Grill Guards, etc.)


Lot Number
1. Gates and Livestock Panels

2. Restraining and Working Equipment (Chutes, Stands, Crates, etc.)

3. Creep and Self Feeders

4. Hunting and Wildlife Equipment

5. Sports Equipment (Skate Rails, Basketball Standards, Shooting Target, etc.)


Lot Number
1. Small Indoor Furniture/Furnishing (Chairs, Small Tables, Bar Stools, etc.)

2. Large Indoor Furniture (Bookshelves, Gun Cabinets, Large Tables, etc.)

3. Outdoor Metal Furniture (Swings, Benches, Tables, etc.)

4. Outdoor Wood Furniture (Swings, Picnic Tables, etc.)

5. Towable Outdoor Cooking - with tires and lug bolts

6. Non-Towable Outdoor Cooking (Grills, Fire Pits, etc.)


Lot Number
1. Diesel Engine Tractors (from 1990 and earlier)

2. Gas Engine Tractors (from 1990 and earlier)

3. Tractor Models (from 1991-1998)

4. Farm Trucks (Pickups, Dump Trucks, etc.)

5. Tractor-Driven Farm Implements


Lot Number
1. Transportation (Stagecoaches, Buck Boards, Buggies, Wagons, etc.)

2. Farm & Ranch Equipment (Plows, Mowing Machines, Combine, etc.)


*One Winner Per Lot*

Best Individual Crop Exhibit- Class E not included

  • Rosette
  • $15 Premium
  • Plaque at State Convention

Best Individual Floral Exhibit

  • Rosette
  • $15 Premium
  • Plaque at State Convention

Best Individual Ag Mechanics Exhibit

(Class B-G; Workmanship, Difficulty, Records)

  • Rosette
  • $30 Premium
  • Plaque at State Convention

Best Chapter Crop Exhibit

Selected from total amount of premium money earned by a chapter in classes A-D

  • Plaque at State Convention

Best Chapter Floral Exhibit

Selected from total amount of premium money earned by a chapter in class A

  • Plaque at State Convention

Best Chapter Ag Mechanics Exhibit

Selected from total amount of premium money earned by a chapter in classes A-G

  • Plaque at State Convention
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