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Queen Contest Info

Thank you for considering competing for the tenth annual Miss Utah State Fair & Rodeo title. We hope you will create many memories and have a great time through this experience. This packet will help guide you through the requirements and schedule.

Please note: Locations and activities are subject to change, all contestants will be notified of any changes as quickly as possible. A negative Coggins test will be required. *

Entries must be delivered to the Fairpark Administration building, 155 N 1000 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116.

The Utah State Fair reserves the right to cancel the contest or extend any deadline.

The following documents must be submitted to be eligible to compete:

  1. Completed Entry Application - Fill out application here
  2. Type-written Bio
  3. 8x10 Head and Shoulder Shot
  4. Waiver Agreement
  5. Digital copy of high-resolution headshot
  6. 3 x 5 card with a detailed description of the modeling outfit

Contest Details:

Location: Utah State Fairpark(enter through Gate 17 at 1200 W 300 N).

9:00 AM SHARP: Check-in (in the Hospitality Building (northwest of the Days of '47 Arena).

9:30 AM - Horsemanship

11:30 AM - Timed written test

12:00 PM - Light lunch for contestants and judges

12:30 PM - Interviews

2:00 - Doors to the Zion building open to parents and family

2:30 PM - Speeches, modeling, and impromptu questions


If you have questions, please contact

Carly Peercy at 801-750-4342 carlypeercy@hotmail.com

Leslie Perkins at 435-757-7878 lperkins37@gmail.com

We appreciate your interest in our contest, and we look forward to receiving your application packet.


The Miss Utah State Fair & Rodeo Queen Committee


Upon winning the title of Miss Utah State Fair & Rodeo, the titleholder becomes an official representative for the Utah State Fair and Utah’s Own PRCA Rodeo. As an official representative, she is under the responsibility to act, speak and dress according to the esteem the title deserves any time she is in the public, all while having fun eye. She must strive to exhibit exceptional sportsmanship, high moral and ethical character and the humane treatment of animals.

  • Contestant must not be less than 16 or more than 26 years of age as of the date of the competition/pageant.
  • Contestants must submit their application in person or by delivery by 12:00 p.m. on May 8, 2023, to be eligible for the competition.
  • Contestants must read and abide by all rules and regulations.
  • The Contestant must be single, never married, pregnant and/or have a child. Contestant shall NOT be, nor BECOME married or have any marital obligations during her reign as queen.
  • Contestant must be enrolled in school or have successfully completed high school with a diploma or equivalent.
  • Contestant shall remain free of any questionable behavior as defined by the Utah State Fair Board of Directors and/or the Queen Contest Committee including actions involving an issue of morality. Unacceptable actions include, but are not limited to, consumption of alcohol, use of illegal drugs, or involvement in any illegal activities. Participation in unacceptable actions is grounds for immediate disqualification. Titleholders shall be expected to adhere to all contest rules throughout their reign.
  • The Utah State Fair and its agents, officers, and employees are released from any liability which might result from, or arise out of, a contestant’s participation in the contest, including all activities in connection therewith.
  • Contestants must be available for activities throughout the months leading up to the Utah State Fair. Please find attached to this application the list of required activities.
  • Contestant must furnish a suitable horse for the contest and all other events. The contestant’s horse must be well mannered and groomed at all times.
  • Contestants must provide their own wardrobe and follow the guidelines on wardrobe.
  • Any potential sponsors must be provided in writing to the Queen Contest Committee for approval, prior to accepting any donations or advertising.
  • If, for any reason, it is determined that the reigning Miss Utah State Fair & Rodeo cannot fulfill her duties during any portion of her term the first runner up will be eligible to assume the title. Upon such a time the reigning Miss Utah State Fair & Rodeo is dismissed or forfeits her title, all scholarship funds, awards and gifts given in relationship to the position must be returned to the Utah State Fair.
  • Winning contestants will be required to appear during the Utah State Fair which runs September 7-17, 2023. Winners need to be available during these dates for the rodeo and other Fair promotional activities.
  • All decisions of the judges are final.
  • The Utah State Fair and the Queen Committee reserves the right to alter any rule and has the authority over any rule discrepancy.

Titles and Awards

Queen– Saddle, belt buckle, sash, traveling tiara, traveling chaps and $1,000 scholarship First Attendant– Tack item, belt buckle, traveling tiara, sash, and $500 scholarship Second Attendant– Tack item, belt buckle, traveling tiara, sash, and $500 scholarship.

The top scoring contestant in each of the following categories will receive a prize to be announced later:

Horsemanship, Written Test, Photogenic, Personality, Appearance, & Congeniality

Check-in and Orientation

Check in and orientation will take place in the Hospitality Building (adjacent to the arena) at 10:00 AM SHARP at the Utah State Fairpark (please enter through gate 17 at 1200 W 300 N, Salt Lake City). At check in you will receive your contestant number, horsemanship pattern and agenda for the day.

During orientation we will introduce the pageant coordinators, Fair and Rodeo dignitaries and the judges. There will be three judges for this event. They will be persons well qualified to judge a con- test of this kind. Their decision is final. Poor sportsmanship, tardiness, interference or otherwise inappropriate conduct will affect your score. The harassment of judges, committee members or other contestants, by a contestant, her family or representative, will not be tolerated. A contestant found guilty of practicing said behavior will be immediately disqualified. The schedule and location of activities will also be reviewed. At this time, we will take pictures for the media and sponsors, thank you.

Contestants should arrive dressed and ready for horsemanship.


We will start with horsemanship at 9:30 a.m. Bailee Mackey—Miss Utah State Fair & Rodeo 2022—will set the pattern. Horsemanship will take place in the Days of 47 Arena at the Utah State Fairpark. Contestants are to wear denim jeans (any color), a long-sleeved western shirt, cowboy hat, belt and cowboy boots. Chaps, gloves and vests are not allowed. Please have your horse warmed up and ready to go before orientation. The arena will open for open ride at 9:00 a.m. Each contestant will complete a set reining pattern. The pattern to be performed will be made available at orientation and a copy of the pattern will be given to each contestant. Please be aware that a flag run will be included and part of the score.

Contestants are to provide their own horse for horsemanship. The horse ridden at the contest must be the same horse used in appearances during the year, unless permission to do otherwise is granted by the queen committee. Horsemanship represents 50 points of your total score.


All contestants will be required to take a timed, written test. The test will be administered at 11:30 A.m. in the Zion Hospitality Building. It is suggested you familiarize yourself with a broad range of topics ranging from rodeo to current events. Questions on the test may include, but are not limited to horse care, knowledge of tack, disease, feed, anatomy, knowledge of professional rodeo, rodeo terminology and world standings.

Excellent sources of information are the PRCA’s website (www.prorodeo.com), Pro Rodeo Sports News, the PRCA Rule Book, and the Official ProRodeo Media Guide. All of the above listed literature is available from the PRCA, 101 ProRodeo Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919.

The written test will represent a maximum of 25 points of your total score.

Personal Interview

The personal interview portion of the contest will begin at 12:30 p.m. in a designated room of the Guest Services Building. Contestants who arrive late for their personal interview may be docked points. Interviews are held in private with the three judges and will last approximately 10 minutes each. Contestants are required to wear a western style dress or blouse/skirt outfit.

The personal interview will represent a maximum of 50 points of your total score.

Speech, Modeling and Impromptu

Speeches, Modeling and Impromptu Questions will begin at 2:30 p.m. Contestants will be given 5 topics to pick from and will have 10 minutes to prepare a 1 1/2-to-2-minute speech on the topic they choose after which they will perform their modeling routine. Contestants will model their own pattern to music provided by the committee (two-minute maximum time limit). Contestants are required to wear a western style dress or skirt outfit. Please provide a detailed description of your outfit on a 3x5 note card at registration. Upon completion of the modeling pattern, contestants will draw and answer an impromptu interview question.

Speeches must be original and written by the contestant. Plagiarism of any sort will not be permitted and will result in immediate disqualification.

The speech, modeling and impromptu question portion of the contest will represent a maxi- mum of 25 points for each category of your total score.

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