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Competitive Arts General Rules


Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the information on this website. However, exhibitors are cautioned that the current rules and regulations of the Utah State Fair Corporation, as interpreted by Fair Administration and the Board of Directors, will take precedence over this listing due to the possibility of typographical error or inadvertent omission.

In the event of conflict between the general rules and the special rules governing the various departments, the special rules will take precedence.

The Board reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of, connected with or incident to the Fair.

The Board reserves the right to amend or add to these rules, as it, in it's judgment, may deem necessary.


All prizes will be awarded at the earliest possible date after judging. Checks not cashed within 90 days of issue date will become void. All budget related requests must be submitted in writing to Fair Management by the 1st of January to be considered for that year's Fair.


1. No judge will be allowed to exhibit in the department in which he/she is acting as a judge.

2. A judge will not be allowed to judge exhibits entered by a member of his or her immediate family. The judge should notify the department supervisor prior to judging if this situation occurs.

3. Judges must avoid contact with the exhibitors and will refuse to hear the merits or demerits of exhibits upon which they will be expected to pass judgment. They must, if an attempt be made by an exhibitor to interfere or influence their decision, report the fact at once to the Department Supervisor.

4. The regular premium offered by the Fair cannot be changed by any judge or supervisor and no extra premiums can be awarded except by the Fair Board. In the event there is no competition in lot numbers, the judge shall determine which award the entry would receive in the face of competition. In no event will two entries by the same owner, producer, or same herd constitute competition.

5. Judges must not award prizes to an unworthy exhibit. It is the intention of the management that no premium or distinction of any kind shall be given to any article that is not deserving. This rule must be strictly adhered to whether or not there is competition.

6. The judges and persons acting as clerks to the judges must use special care, after award has been made, to see that the same is properly entered on the judging sheet, for it is upon this entry that the payment of premium is made.

7. The judge, superintendent and clerk recording the awards of the department, must sign the judging sheets at the close of each show.

8. The entry clerk shall under no circumstances allow the judging sheets to go from his/her possession, or to be inspected by anyone, except authorized officers, until entries of the judge's decisions have been made, the records audited and closed.

9. The judges shall read carefully the general rules and all special rules under the heading of the department or class in which they are to judge; and especially note and mark those rules bearing on the classes to be adjudicated by them. Ignorance of rules is inexcusable with a judge.

10. Objection to any person serving as judge must be made to Fairpark Management, in writing, prior to any award made, giving good and sufficient reason therefore.

11. If it be ascertained that any exhibitor has acted in an improper manner to the judgment or ruling of a judge, employee, volunteer or any official of the Utah State Fair, the Fair Board can bar said person from competing for a premium or exhibiting on the grounds until he shall have made proper restitution and be reinstated by the Fair Board.


1. A patron shall pay a gate admission charge upon entrance to the annual Utah State Fair. The admission charge will be posted at the entrance gates and shall be established by the Executive Director and Board on a yearly basis. Gate refunds shall not be considered unless the patron submits, in writing, a request to Fair Management stating the reason for the refund request. A refund may be given at the discretion of the Executive Director or his/her designee.

2. A patron parking in a Fairpark parking lot shall pay a parking charge. The charge, which is subject to change, shall be posted at the parking lot entrance. Fair Management shall not be responsible for damage to vehicles or theft of property from vehicles.

3. Fair Management reserves the right to remove from the Fairpark any person who uses foul or abusive language, is wearing offensive clothing, makes offensive actions or is intoxicated, as determined by Fair Management, or violates any rules of the Utah State Fair Corporation.

4. Fair Management reserves the right to remove from the Fairpark any person distributing advertising material or conducting private business of any kind, who does not have an authorized Space Lease Agreement.

5. A patron who feels he has been mistreated by Fairpark personnel, exhibitors, midway and food concession personnel, or others, shall submit, in writing, a detailed summary of his complaint for action by Fair Management and/or the Board of Directors.

6. A patron involved in any type of accident while on the Fairpark shall contact the Fairpark Administration office or a Fairpark representative immediately to request that an official accident report be completed.

7. No pets, bicycles, motorcycles, rollerblades, roller-skates, skateboards or golf carts shall be allowed on the Fairpark without written approval of Fairpark Management. Service animals, as defined by ADA requirements, are the only exception.

8. A patron purchasing merchandise or entering into contracts with commercial, educational and nonprofit exhibitors is responsible for his transactions. The Utah State Fair Corporation shall not assume responsibility for faulty merchandise or for agreements entered into by a patron.

9. A patron shall not litter the Fairpark. Trash shall be placed in barrels provided.

10. A patron shall not deface the grounds or buildings, outside or inside. Anyone damaging buildings or grounds shall be required to pay all repair and replacement costs.

11. No fires or flammable materials are allowed on the Fairpark without written approval of Fair Management.

12. Patrons shall not remove Utah State Fair Corporation property from the buildings and grounds. Flowers and garden crops shall not be removed without permission of Fair Management.

13. A patron shall adhere to the hours of the Fairpark which shall be posted at the entrance gates and may be changed yearly.

14. Contractual service agreements negotiated by the Utah State Fair Corporation may be reviewed by any individual with prior approval of the Executive Director or his/her designee.

15. Any pictures or videos taken during the Fair for publicity or commercial gain must have the prior approval of the Executive Director or his/her designee. Media and/or professional photographers must obtain proper credentials at media check in located in the Wasatch Building.


1. Competition at the Utah State Fair is governed by Utah State Fair Corporation general rules and regulations as well as the special rules in each department.

2. Exhibitors shall complete online entry forms through a link provided on utahstatefair.com. Online entries are strongly encouraged as it helps streamline check ins and allows fair management to properly prepare for the fair. Exhibitors can also complete an entry form provided by Fair Administration when entering exhibit items in the Fair. Entry forms may be photocopied, but not reproduced in any other manner. The exhibitor shall pay an entry charge as published (see Competitive Arts Entry Information). Payment of entry charge must accompany entry form. No refunds will be made on entry charges.

3. Submittance of entry form by the exhibitor constitutes a contract between the Utah State Fair Corporation and the exhibitor. It indicates the exhibitor's acceptance of Fair rules and his/her eligibility for prize awards as offered by the Utah State Fair Corporation.

4. Entry form and applicable charges must be submitted by dates listed for each department.

5. When sufficient entries are received in any department to fill the space available, no further entries will be accepted. To insure entry, it is essential that it be made well in advance of the closing date.

6. When an exhibitor in Creative Arts, Textile Arts, Culinary Arts, Floriculture, Fine Arts and Photography enters exhibits at the Fair, an entry tag shall be placed on the exhibits and the claim checks shall be furnished to the exhibitor. At the close of the Fair, on published release dates, the claim check shall be presented to the Fair by the exhibitor for reclaiming the item. Items entered in the horticulture, agriculture departments and perishables in Culinary Arts shall become property of the Utah State Fair and will not be returned to the exhibitor unless prior approval has been made in writing with the department supervisor.

7. A protest against judging, exhibitor handbook rules, exhibition of displays, damage to an exhibit or a disagreement with Fair personnel, shall be made in writing to Fair Management, stating the exact reason for the complaint. The Executive Director, his/her designee and/or the Board of Directors shall consider and act on the complaint.

8. Upon request, exhibitors may view the official entry and judge's forms in the Administration office one month after the conclusion of the Fair but prior to December 31st of that year.

9. Every exhibit must remain intact until 10:00 p.m., Sunday, September 17, 2023, unless otherwise specified.

10. Unless otherwise provided, articles can be entered only by the owner or producer. Any attempt to perpetrate a fraud by misrepresentation will bar the specimen from competing for any premium.

11. Department supervisors may remove from the grounds any exhibit that is falsely entered or which may be deemed unsuitable or objectionable.

12. Any article eligible to enter, not enumerated in the department listing, will be entered in its appropriate class by the department supervisor or judge.

13. If it is necessary for an exhibitor to send an exhibit freight or express, it must be sent prepaid to the Fair Administration Office.

14. Anyone requesting new categories or classes for inclusion in the exhibitor handbook shall submit, in writing, a request to Fair Management by January 1st. Final action on the request shall be taken by the Executive Director, his/her designee and/or the Board.


When submitting entries for competition, exhibitors may purchase a season pass for $50 (plus fees) and/or a single day pass for $8 (plus fees). Discounted tickets will not be available after receiving dates and will be available on a limited basis.

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