Utah State Fair | September 8-18, 2022

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Be a Food Vendor

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  • This category is for culinary artists that are preparing and serving food at the event from a tent, cart, or food truck. Please note we are looking for ethnically diverse menu items.
  • Prepared food vendors must carry the proper permits from the Salt Lake County Health Department and meet fire department regulations.


  • This category is for culinary artists that are preparing and packaging food in advance in a commercial kitchen to sell at the Market.
  • Packaged food vendors must carry a certificate of registration from the Utah Department of Agriculture.


For information on other types of vendors please visit https://www.utahstatefair.com/p/international-mark...


The International Market at the Utah State Fairpark & Event Center values the efforts vendors make in preparing for our market. Carefully review the following policies, which are subject to change at any time. Updates and communication will be sent to the email address provided in the application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to retrieve and disseminate all communication to their staff members prior to market day. To ensure the success of the International Market and safety of its patrons, all vendors must abide by the following policies in this handbook.


To be considered applicants must:

  • The application deadline will be 14 days prior to each market.
  • Vendors can choose to participate in one market at a flat rate or all five markets for a discounted rate.
  • Applications must list all products, menus, and/or services that you will be selling and/or displaying at the Market. Please be very specific in listing these items. Broad descriptions such as ‘novelties’ or ‘toys’ will not be acceptable.
    • Items must include the represented culture or country of origin.
    • Vendors are required to submit 5-10 digital photographs (jpeg, png, or pdf format) of all items they intend to sell.
    • Vendors are asked to submit a digital photograph of their booth, display, or food truck
    • Once accepted, vendors may display and sell the items presented on their application. Any changes must be approved by the Market Manager. Items not listed may be denied at the event.
  • Imported items for sale must be handmade artisan products and indicate the country of origin.
  • Pre-manufactured, mass-produced, or commercial products will not be considered except under special circumstance and will be extremely limited.
  • All applications are reviewed by a selection committee. Once the review has taken place vendors will be notified via email provided on the application of their status as invited, alternate or not invited.
  • Selections will be made from the primary classifications listed on the application (i.e. jewelry, textile, pottery). To ensure balance and fairness to all exhibitors, each classification has a limited number of openings.
  • Every applicant will be given equal consideration.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will be given consideration for the following market.
  • The submission of an application does not result in automatic acceptance into the International Market.
  • Laws of the City, County and State of Utah must be strictly adhered to, including the State Fire Code. It is the responsibility of the vendor to acquire any professional licenses which may be required in the regular course of doing business in Utah.


  • Non-food vendor pricing:
    • $40 for each 10x10 indoor space for each market.
    • $180 for all five markets (10% discount)
  • Food Vendor (packaged and prepared food) pricing:
    • $50 for each market
    • $225 for all five markets (10% discount)
  • Payments:
    • Payments by credit card must be submitted via the vendor online portal through the Utah State Fairpark website. No credit card numbers will be accepted over the phone.
    • Once the Agreement is signed and submitted online, an invoice will be generated to collect payment. If you do not have an email address, access to Internet, or do not wish to pay by credit card online through the portal, you may pay with a check, cashier’s check, or money order by mail or in person. Please include any checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders with the company name, contact person information and booth location/number (indicated on the signed Agreement).
    • Payment Deadline:
      • All payments regardless of method must be received by the Wednesday before the Market you are approved to participate in.
      • Payments received after the due date will be charged a $25 late fee.
    • All booth fees are nonrefundable. Utah State Fairpark is not liable if weather or other conditions prevent the Vendor from attending the event. No refunds will be made for weather, accident, health or other causes for non-participation. Vendors who have not made payments, or alternative arrangements with Market Management will not be able to participate in the Market.
  • License & Taxes: All vendors must obtain a Temporary Sales Tax License and Special Return Form; this includes businesses that already have a Utah State Sales Tax License. This license is independent of any other license and is issued at the beginning of the International Market by a representative of the Utah State Tax Commission Special Event Unit. Taxes are not allowed to be mailed in. If you have any questions please call the Utah State Tax Commission, Special Event Unit at (801) 297-6303 or (800) 662-4335 ext. 6303.
  • All vendors serving food must obtain a Temporary Event Permit from the Salt Lake Valley Health Department.
  • Insurance: A Certificate of Liability Insurance must be submitted before you are accepted as a vendor. The Certificate must be emailed or given to the Fairpark the Friday before the Market.
    • Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate. List the Utah State Fairpark 155 W 1000 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84116 as an "additional insured"
    • If you already have business insurance (general liability, etc.), ask your insurance agent about adding the Utah State Fairpark as an additional insured.
    • You may also opt in to be covered under the Fairpark’s insurance for an additional fee of $85.


  • Setup & Teardown
  • Booths are sold in 10’x10’ increments.
  • Vendors will receive their booth assignments no later than 4:00pm the Friday before the Market.
  • Only one vendor allowed per booth space; booth space may not be sublet or shared.
  • Booth space assignments are made at the sole discretion of Market Management and reserves the right to move or reassign vendor spots to improve Market operations.
  • No booth location is guaranteed. Participation in a previous market does not guarantee booth space at the next market.
  • Market staff has the right to reassign a vendor’s space to another vendor they have not arrived 15 minutes before opening. Vendors are expected to stay for all hours of the Market.
  • Vendors must notify Management by phone or email at least 48 hours in advance if they will not be attending the Market that week. Non-compliance or repeated absences risk fines and denial of future participation.
  • Vendors are responsible for providing their own equipment including tables, chairs, extension cords, etc. Rental of equipment is available through the Fairpark at an additional fee.
    • 8’ banquet table $10
    • Folding Chair $2.50
  • Vendors must check-in with Market Management in the Discovery Building upon arrival. Do not set up in your space without checking in.
  • Vendors participate at their own risk. Utah State Fairpark or Market Management makes no guarantees as to number in attendance. The Market will be held rain or shine.
  • Please make arrangements in advance with Market Management if electricity is requested.
  • Booths should be eye-catching and organized and include attractive signage that clearly identifies your company name.
  • Signage and displays must stay inside the assigned vendor space. Any signs or displays that interfere with the flow of foot traffic are prohibited.
  • Vendors should limit packaging where possible and use alternative products where appropriate.
  • The use of single-use plastic grocery bags is prohibited at the International Market. We encourage customers to bring and use reusable bags or other alternatives.
  • Vendors are responsible for their own garbage and must clean up their booth spaces at the end of the day. The Fairpark will provide trash receptacles and recycling bins.
  • Benches, picnic tables, and tables and chairs are placed through-out the Market as comfort areas for patrons.
    • Please do not move these items from their set locations.
    • If any of these items are affecting your space in any way please bring it to the attention of Market Management.
    • MLM’s (Multi-Level-Marketing) goods and services are not allowed.
    • NO ADHESIVE-BACKED PLASTIC OR VINYL DECALS, STICKERS or BUMPER STICKERS of any kind are to be GIVEN AWAY AND/OR SOLD anywhere on the Utah State Fairpark. The only exception would be computer generated custom decal orders costing $5.00 or more and must be pre-approved by Fairpark Management.
    • Fairpark Management will not permit the sale or display of obscene or vulgar material and reserves the right to remove from the grounds any product, exhibit, sign or advertising matter which is not in harmony with the overall goals and objectives of the International Market.
    • No loudspeaker, amplifier, or sound device shall be used in the exhibit space without prior written approval of the Market Management. Excessive noise from any source, including televisions, computers, stereos, organs, saws, microphones, motors, etc., will not be allowed. Health Department guidelines for acceptable noise levels will be enforced. No live music is allowed in any booth without prior approval.
    • Dust, smoke or smells from the burning of scented candles, incense products, product demonstrations, etc. is prohibited.
    • All solicitations must be confined to the area inside the leased booth space. By order of the Utah State Fairpark Fire Marshall, no person, equipment, boxes, booth contents, etc., may block aisles or corridors.
    • No Commercial Vendor will be permitted to distribute advertising material on the Fairpark except in their allotted space. Any solicitations outside the confines of your booth or the tacking or posting of any advertising material on the grounds, buildings or fences, other than inside the booth space, can result in confiscation of signs or banners, expulsion from the Fair and/or forfeiture of fees.
    • It is strictly prohibited for anyone to pass out advertising material, take surveys or conduct business of any kind in the parking lots owned and/or operated by the Utah State Fair Corporation.
  • TENTS: All tents must meet the performance criteria as outlined in NFPA 701 as well as any other regulations outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the International Fire Code (IFC), and the Utah State Fairpark.
    • No “easy-up”, “pop-up”, or “instant canopy” style tents are allowed for outdoor vendors. Vendor is responsible to secure their canopy by weight. Utah State Fairpark requires 40-pounds of weight be affixed to each canopy leg. Vendor shall follow canopy manufactures instructions if weight requirements are greater than 40-pounds of weight per leg.
    • Weights shall not create a trip hazard or impede walkways. Ground staking shall not replace required weights on each canopy leg. Vendor shall ensure that their canopy and display equipment does not extend beyond the booth space they have been assigned; this includes any rails, stands or additional equipment.


All vendors serving food must obtain a Temporary Event Permit from the Salt Lake County Health Department. These include but are not limited to existing restaurants, fast-food operations, caterers, churches, community or school organizations, volunteer and social groups. Each food vendor is responsible for obtaining their own permit. Multiple vending booths or locations operated by the same owner will each need a separate valid permit. Permits are not transferable.

Office hours for permit application are Monday - Friday 9am – 4pm

Bureau of Food Protection

788 E. Woodoak Lane (5380 South)

Murray, Utah 84107-6379

(385) 468-3845

  • GREASE DISPOSAL - Grease MUST NOT BE DUMPED into the sanitary sewer line or the storm water system. A $300 fine per occurrence will be charged to any vendor who is discovered to have improperly disposed of grease.


  • It is the responsibility of the vendor to know what regulations apply to their operations. The State of Utah Fire Marshal Office has jurisdiction over the Utah State Fairpark.
  • Every display or exhibit must provide full access and visibility to any fire panel, pull station, visual audio device, and/or exit signs. Full access must be made available to firefighting equipment.
  • Any drapes, curtains, hangings, or other decorative material must be made from a noncombustible material or be treated and maintained by means of a flame retardant process approved by the State Fire Marshal's Office.
  • Ordinary two-wire extension cords are forbidden. Only heavy-duty, three-prong, rubber or neoprene extension cords are permitted. All electrical wiring will meet the latest edition of the National Electrical Code. Temporary wiring, as specified by this code, will be used for non-fixed wiring purposes.
  • Power strips are allowable, but at no time can be “daisy chained” (plugging one power strip into another) together.
  • Smoking, open flames, and propane are prohibited in any and all buildings on the Fairpark.
  • Any outdoor open flame must be preapproved by the State Fire Marshal and Fairpark Management. Failure to get prior approval will result in automatic removal from the Fairpark.
  • Vendors must supply and have readily accessible at least one fully charged and operational UL-rated type 2A 10-BC dry chemical fire extinguisher of at least 2 lbs. net capacity in each location using an open flame or electric heat device.
  • Any vendor/concessionaire that is using cooking equipment that involves solid fuels, vegetable or animal oils, and fats must have a Class K rated portable extinguisher with current certification. The minimum requirement is one 2.5-gallon (9L) Class K wet chemical extinguisher.
  • Any vendor/concessionaire that is deep fat frying with up to four fryers having a medium capacity of 80 pounds each, must also have one additional Class K extinguisher of a minimum of 1.5 gallons (6L).
  • It is not required that vendor/concessionaires portable fire extinguishers be certified in Utah but they must have been inspected and certified to meet all NFPA regulations. All extinguishers must be inspected by the Campus Fire Marshal and must be fully charged and in compliance. Additionally, all throw away type extinguishers must not be older than 2 years.
  • Explosive gases or flammable liquids will not be used in connection with any display except by written approval of the State Fire Marshal or Campus Fire Marshal and Fairpark Management.
  • All LP-gas containers having a water capacity greater than 2.5 pounds must be stored in an upright position with the valve end up. All LP-gas containers must be secured so that they will stay in the upright position.
  • Any combination of stored LP-containers exceeding a water capacity of 720 pounds must be stored a minimum of ten feet from any combustible material or structure.
  • Fairpark Management reserves the right to update any of the Fire/Safety regulations at any time without notice to meet or exceed current Fire and Life Safety Standards.


  • All staff working the booth must have read and understand the International Market Policies.
  • The contact person listed on the vendor application is responsible for the conduct of anyone working in the booth.
  • Vendors are expected to be polite and courteous to all Market staff and volunteers, Fairpark Management, visitors, and other vendors.
  • Vendors should address complaints, requests, or concerns by requesting a meeting with Management via email, phone or in person. Meetings will be held privately.
  • Vendors may not sell any items not approved or declared in their Market application. Market staff reserves the right to have vendors remove unapproved products. Approval from the Market Manager is required before any products may be added during the course of the season.
  • Sellers agree to abide by fair business practices. Price, terms of sale, etc. are between buyer and seller only. Vendors will determine the prices for products sold, but the Fairpark requests that vendors maintain fair retail market pricing. The Fairpark, International Market staff, or any other party will NOT make any warranty on sold or purchased goods.
  • Seller assumes full liability for the products they market or sell and hereby agrees to hold the Fairpark/International Market harmless against any claim of injury or damage by any buyer, seller, or other persons resulting from the use, consumption, disposition, display, or marketing of seller’s products.
  • Vendors should respect one another’s space and the right to sell their products without intrusion.
  • Drawings & Prizes - Plans for free prizes or drawings must be approved by Market Management. When offering free prizes or drawings for free prizes, full disclosure must be made. There can be no hidden or undisclosed charges or deposits. If the offer says 'free' it must be totally free. Raffles, as defined by Utah State Law, are unlawful.
  • No pets are allowed in vendor booths or in close proximity to food.
  • Security will be onsite during the Market.
  • Never leave booths and cash boxes unattended.
  • Driving in the Fairpark is prohibited during Market hours (2pm-8pm). After opening, items must be brought in by hand or cart. Vendors that sell out early will have to wait until closing to drive out of the Fairpark.


  • Vehicles for loading/unloading are allowed in the Market area until 1:30pm. All vehicles (except food trucks) must be parked in the designated vendor parking area on the west side of the park or they will be towed away at owner's expense. The vendor parking location may change based on other events occurring on Fairpark property during the Market.


  • Vendors and entertainment consent to and authorizes the use and reproduction, in print or electronic format, by Utah State Fairpark or anyone authorized by Utah State Fairpark, of all photographs or videos for any publicity purpose.

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