September 4-14 2014
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 H Hendricks

(Co-Sponsored by Utah Pork Producers)

Haven Hendricks


Entry Deadlines

Open Class - August 22
Jr Market - August 12 (no late entries accepted)

Entry Fee - $3.00 per head (no additional charge for group classes)

Arrival & Release ScheduleSept 4 - 6 to 11 AMSept 10 after 9 PM


Weigh In - Sept 4 - 10:00 a.m. to Noon - Animals will only be weighed once

Judging Schedule

Sept. 69:00 a.m.Open Market Hog Show
 Judge - Dave Roper, Kimberly, ID
Sept. 115:30 p.m.Jr Market Hog Showmanship
 6:30 p.m.Jr Market Hog Show
 Judge - To be announced at Showtime

This is a terminal show - all animals will be sent to the packer selected by the Fair.

Swine entered in the Open Show are not eligible to enter the 4-H/FFA Show.

Special Rules

Exhibitors are required to read and abide by the General Rules, Health Regulations, and Livestock General Rules.

1. Late entries will be accepted only if sufficient space is available, and will require payment of double the entry fee.
2. In order to control disease, arrangements will be made to have all animals brought on the premises sent to market after the show - NO EXCEPTIONS. This will include animals sifted because of weight.
3. Animals with fresh earmarks will be disqualified from showing.
4. No barrows and gilts can be over 6 months old. Date of birth must be shown on the entry form.
5. For special breed awards all purebred Market Hogs must be from a litter recorded with the appropriate Breed Association. The animal will be entered in the Crossbred Class if the certificate is not shown at the Weigh-In.
6. In order to have a separate breed class, there must be a minimum representation of 2 exhibitors and a minimum of 16 hogs per breed. Breeds not having sufficient numbers will be lumped in an All Purebred class. Each lot will have a minimum of 2 exhibitors represented. If this minimum is not met, lots will be combined.
7. Only 2 premiums will be paid to 1 exhibiting farm per lot.
8. From Thursday, September 4, until Thursday, September 11, all animals will be fed and cared for under the direction of the Utah Pork Producers Association. A small fee will be deducted from the pork carcass check for this service.
9. Pigs must be washed before arriving at Fairpark.

Premiums & Awards

Utah State Fair Pays:

10th through 15th place - $5 each

Ribbons will also be awarded.

Special Awards

1. Grand Champion Barrow over all breeds - Trophy
2. Reserve Champion Barrow over all breeds - Trophy
3. Grand Champion Gilt over all breeds - Trophy
4. Reserve Champion Gilt over all breeds - Trophy
5. Grand Champion Pen of 3 Barrows over all breeds - Rosette
6. Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Barrows over all breeds - Rosette
7. Grand Champion Pen of 3 Gilts over all breeds - Rosette
8. Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Gilts over all breeds - Rosette

9. Truckload - one pen per farm, 6 animals any breed, at least 2
gilts and at least 2 barrows.



10. Sow & Litter Exhibit - One exhibitor will be invited by the Pork Producers to exhibit a sow and litter under 3 weeks of age. The exhibit shall be rotated each year according to breed. Premium for the Sow Exhibit - $100

11. Biggest Boar Exhibit - One exhibitor will be invited to bring in a big boar. Premium for the Boar Exhibit - $100


Class CR - Crossbred
Class DU - Duroc
Class HA - Hampshire
Class LA - Landrace
Class OP - Optional All Purebred
Class SP - Spot
Class YO - Yorkshire

NOTE: If there is more than 30 head entered in the Crossbred class, management reserves the right to split into lots as it deems necessary.

Barrows & Gilts must weigh between 240-290 lbs.

Lot No.
1. Light Weight Barrows
2. Heavy Weight Barrows
5. Pen of 3 Barrows (1 pen per farm in each breed class)
6. Light Weight Gilts
7. Heavy Weight Gilts
10. Pen of 3 Gilts (1 pen per farm in each breed class)

Lots may be subdivided into lots of equal numbers if entries warrant.


Click here for a printable entry formClick here to enter online

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