SEPTEMBER 5-15 2019
Utah State Fair

Strolling Entertainment

 Mango and Dango   


Chris Yerlig may be seen in various different guises.  Originally from England, he began performing mime shows on the streets of Europe. In the US, where he is now based, he performs at fairs, festivals, and corporate events around the country. He has worked with Magicians Without Borders in performing in schools, orphanages and hospitals as well as and teaching mime to at-risk youth.

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Hip-Hop Dancers

The BBoy Federation showcases Hip Hip Arts as a viable path to success through practice, performance, and education. The FED will be doing interactive dance demos throughout the park. Join us in the "Cypher" as we learn a little about Hip Hop origins and what it takes to be a Bboy or Bgirl. 

Check the daily schedule for performance times