September 7-17 2017
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2016 Rabbits


Fantastic FFA Show

Supervisor:     Hope Blackburn
Judge:            Nate Burbidge (Utah)
Entry Fee:      #3.50 per animal
Entry Deadline: Post-marked on or before August 19, 2016
Animal check-in:     September 7, 2016, 7:00-9:00 pm
Animal check-out:   September 18, 2016, 7:00-9:00 pm
Where:                   In small aminal building
Judging will occur:   September 9, 2016 - 10:00 am
Animals will be cared for daily by Supervisor and volunteers from Utah RBA.
***FFA animals may be entered in the ARBA sanctioned show but will be subject to ARBA show rules.

ARBA Santioned Utah State Fair Show:

Supervisor:     Hope Blackburn
Judge:            Maddie Pratt (Michigan), Bryan Shirk (Michigan), Kevin Stanford (Arizona)
Entry Fee:      $3.50 (per show) / $3.50 Fur (per show)

Contact Lisa Burbidge to sanction you individual breed.
Mail or bring entries to Utah State Fair, 155 N 1000 W, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
Must be hand delivered or post-marked by September 2, 2016

September 9, 2016
Show begins at 6:30 pm and continues on the morning of September 10, 2016
in the tent near Fair Administration Building.

Click here for a printable entry form

Judges: Bryan Shirk (MI), Maddie Pratt (MI), Kevin Stanford (AZ), Nate Burbidge (UT)
Superintendent: Hope Blackburn

Rabbits cannot be removed from the Fair until 9:00 p.m.

Official ARBA Sanctioned Show
Eric Stewart, Executive Director
P.O. Box 5667
Bloomington, IL 61702
Dues: Individual - $15.00 Year Husband/Wife - $20.00 year Youth - $8.00 Year


Utah RBA is also sponsoring the following shows in conjunction with the Fair.
September 11 - beginning at 6:00 p.m.
Double open, Double youth,
September 12 - Single open, single youth
$3.50 (per show)
$2.50 Fur (per show)
Deadline for Utah RBA show entries is Sep 7, 2015.

Sanctioned Breeds
Holland Lop - All open shows (Blackburn)
Fuzzy Lop - All open shows (Burbidge Family)
Mini Rex (Stanford/Carson)

We would like to thank the generous individuals who sponsored the sanctions.

If you are interested in sanctioning a breed or have questions, please contact Lisa Burbidge
801-878-1978 /

Show Rules
If you forget everything else, remember this.  The most important rule is kindness. Be kind to each animal as well to the Fair staff, judges and fellow exhibitors.

1. Entry fees are as stated above. All rabbits entered in fur must also be entered in its own breed class. If a rabbit is scratched after pre-entry, same-class substitution is allowed. If no same-class substitution is made, exhibitor must still pay entry fee.
2. This is an ARBA sanctioned show. By the filing of your entry, you indicate your acceptance of all our show rules and the rules of the ARBA which govern this show.
3. All animals showing signs of disease shall by removed from the showroom.
4. No rabbit intercourse in the showroom.
5.. All rabbits entered in the youth show must be carried to the table by a youth. Youth exhibitors may enter sanctioned youth shows through the age of 18. Adults cannot show in youth classes. Youth may not enter the same rabbit in both open and youth shows at the same show. Youth may enter in both open and youth shows with different animals.
6. Judging will begin at 9:00 a.m. sharp. All rabbits must be in the showroom by 8:30 a.m.
7. Solid bottom carriers only. Exhibitors are responsible for bringing rabbits to the show table as soon as the class is called. Rabbits will be called three times. If not on the table after the final call, the class will be closed. There is no re-judging of a class.
8. URBA reserves the right to substitute judges in any event.
9. Please pick up comment cards before leaving the judging area. Comment cards and/or ribbons will not be mailed to you.
10. No one is allowed in the judging area except for show officials and assistants.
11. Please keep the area clean. No smoking in the building. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
12. URBA, or the owner, agent, or management of the show facility, or any other related organization will not be held responsible for any type of theft, accident, or personal injury to any person or personal property due to neglect or any other clause.
13. There will be a $25.00 service charge added to all returned checks. If not paid, you may face collection charges plus the $25.00 fee.
14. No dogs allowed in the show room.
15. No animals under six weeks of age will be allowed in the show room.
16. Unbecoming behavior will not be tolerated at any URBA Show. URBA reserves the right  to refuse entries of dismiss any exhibitor for unbcoming behavior.
17.  Utah RBA and the Fair will do their best to care for your bunny.  Neither is responsible should the animal be injured or suffer unfortunate death.


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