September 4-14 2014
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Carl Wall


Entry Deadline

Open Class - August 22
4-H & FFA Market Goats - August 12 (no late entries accepted)
Jr Breeding Dairy Goats - August 12


Dairy Goat$3.00 per head (no additional charge for group classes)
Boer Goat$5.00 per head
4-H & FFA Market Goat$5.00 per head


Arrival & Release Schedule

Dairy GoatSept 7 - 6 to 11 AMSept 10- after 9 PM
Boer GoatSept 11 - 6 to 10 AMSept 14 - after 9 PM
4-H & FFA Market GoatSept 11 - 6 to 8 AMSept 14 - after 9 PM


Judging Schedule

Sept. 910:00 a.m.Open Jr Doe Show
Sept. 109:00 a.m.Open Sr Doe Show
 Judge - Elizabeth Henning, Willcox, AZ
Sept. 1210:30 a.m.Market Goat Show
 Judge - To be announced at showtime
Sept. 138:00 a.m.Boer Goat 1st Show
 Judge - Eddie Holland, Bluffton, TX
Sept. 1410:00 a.m.Boer Goat 2nd Show
 Judge - Robert Washington, Yoakum, TX 


Special Rules

Exhibitors are required to read and abide by the General Rules, Health Regulations, and Livestock General Rules.

1. Due to space limitations an exhibitor, defined as the same farm or family, will be limited to entering a total of 20 animals per breed.
2. ADGA Show Rules shall govern and the suggested Code of Ethics will be followed.
3. The Junior and Senior Shows are separately sanctioned.
4. This show is sanctioned by the American Dairy Goat Association, Spindale, NC 28160. Only American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Society and Canadian Goat Society registered, recorded or applied for animals that are recognized by ADGA as dairy animals, may be shown.
5. A registration or recordation certificate is required for all animals 6 months of age or older.
6. A registration or recordation certificate or a stamped duplicate application showing the date received by the ADGA office is required for all animals under 6 months of age. No copies or any other document shall be accepted in lieu of these. Information obtained from the ADGA office via telephone or other means will also not be accepted.
7. The document specified above as the requirement for that age animal to be shown MUST be presented to the Show Secretary before judging shall begin and MUST be checked by the Show Secretary for verification of registration/recordation information.
8. All names included on one ID number constitute only one membership, therefore, only one exhibitor. Only the ID on the registration/recordation certificate or on the stamped duplicate application is proof of ownership.
9. Persons showing animals whose registration/recordation certificates have signed transfers that have not been processed by the ADGA office, must show those animals in the owners name shown on ADGA records at that time.
10. Animals with natural horns shall not be shown.
11. All handlers of goats are requested to dress in clean white clothing while in the show ring.
12. No animal shall receive credit for a leg unless it has a permanent legible tattoo(s) before it enters the show ring. The tattoo(s) must match the one(s) recorded on the registration or recordation certificate or on the stamped duplicate application. Lack of a tattoo, illegibility, or the information included in the aforementioned documents not matching the tattoo(s) on the animal shall not prevent the animal from receiving the ADGA Rosette.
13. Any doe that has ever freshened or that is being milked regularly, shall compete in the Senior Doe Lots. This includes dry and precocious milkers.
14. Any doe 24 months of age or over that has never freshened shall not be shown.
15. ONLY Recorded Grades, Natives on Performance, Natives on Appearance, Experimentals and Grade Experimentals shall be shown in the class called Recorded Grades.
16. Animals to be shown for an absent owner must be entered in that owner's name and signed by exhibitor as agent.
17. All registration papers must be checked by the Show Secretary upon arrival. If this is not done, those animals whose papers have not been checked will be considered scratched and will not be allowed to show. Checking-in of all papers is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Any changes or additions (including group classes) must be done at check-in, not on the day of the show.
18. Use the proper entry form or the entry will be returned. On the entry form, under the heading "Breed", please write in the tattoo of the animal being entered. Please enter the correct corresponding letters under the "Class" heading (AL, LA, ND, NU, OB, OP or RG).Fill in the entry form neatly and completely.
19. Only animals that are entered in the show or have been invited for display will be housed in the barn.
20. The show order is subject to change to insure the show runs smoothly and efficiently.


Pre-Show Milkout

* The pre-show milkout has been discontinued this year. However, exhibitors are expected to follow ethical practices in preparing their animals for show.


Jr Doe / Sr Doe Show

Department 52

CLASS AL - Alpine
CLASS LA - LaMancha
CLASS ND - Nigerian Dwarf
CLASS NU - Nubian
CLASS OB - Oberhasli
CLASS OP - All Other Purebreds
CLASS RG - Recorded Grades
CLASS SA - Saanen


Utah State Fair Pays:

Lot 1 thru 4, 7 thru 11, & 14 thru 20
Lot 21

Association Special
Each Grand and Reserve Grand Champion will be awarded the ADGA Rosette.


Lot No.
1. Junior Kids-born Apr 1, 2014 to showtime
2. Intermediate Kids-born Mar 1 to Mar 31, 2014
3. Senior Kids-born Sept 10, 2013 to Feb 28, 2014
4. Yearlings not in milk-born Sept 9, 2012 to Sept 9, 2013
5. Grand Champion JR DOE
6. Reserve Grand Champion JR DOE

7. Milkers under 2 years of age-born after Sept 9, 2012
8. 2 years and under 3-born Sept 10, 2011 to Sept 9, 2012
9. 3 years and under 4-born Sept 10, 2010 to Sept 9, 2011
10. 4 years and under 5-born Sept 10, 2009 to Sept 9, 2010
11. 5 years and over-born prior to Sept 10, 2009
12. Grand Champion SR DOE
13. Reserve Grand Champion SR DOE
14. Champion Challenge / Best of Breed

GROUPS - (Animals must be shown in individual lots to be eligible for groups)
15. Jr Get of Sire-3 does, sired by same buck, any age up to 24 months, never having freshened. One entry per buck per exhibitor.
16. Sr Get of Sire-3 does, sired by same buck, 2 must be in milk, one may be a dry yearling. One entry per buck per exhibitor
17. Produce of Dam-2 does, any age, produce of same dam. Dam must be named.
18. Dam & Daughter, any age. Dam must be named.
19. Breeders Trio - 3 does, any age, all bred & owned by exhibitor. One entry per exhibitor.
20. Dairy Herd - 4 does, any age, having freshened at least once. Does must be in milk and owned by the exhibitor.
21. Udder Class - The judge will have the discretion of specifying animals from each of the Senior Doe lots to return for judging in this lot. Do not enter this lot on your entry form!

Special Awards

1. Jr Best Doe In Show - Trophy
2. Sr Best Doe In Show - Trophy
3. Best Udder In Show - Trophy
4. Premier Breeder - Trophy - awarded to the breeder earning the most points on animals with their prefix in open class, single lots. Animals may be exhibited/owned by other exhibitors. 3 points for first; 2 points for second; 1 point for third; 3 points for Grand Champion; 2 points for Reserve Champions.
5. Premier Exhibitor - Rosette awarded to the exhibitor winning the most money in open class, single lots. (Utah Dairy Goat Assoc will also present a trophy)
6. Goat Herdsman Award - All exhibitors are eligible for this award. A committee consisting of the supervisor and members of the livestock committee will consider the following:
(1) Number of animals exhibited (2) Neatness & cleanliness of stalls and alleys (3) Cleanliness of animals throughout the show (4) Promptness in presenting animals for judging (5) Courtesy to judge and Fair officials (6) Courtesy to Fair visitors and other exhibitors (7) Educational message-informational material (8) Amount of effort expended by the individual exhibitor in accomplishing all of the above while promoting the dairy goat industry in general.



The Utah Dairy Goat Association will be holding a two-ring show on Monday, September 8. Participation in the Utah State Fair show is required.

UDGA Entry Form - coming soon

UDGA Show Rules - coming soon

UDGA Membership Form

DEPARTMENT 53 - Boer Goat 1st Show

Special Rules

Exhibitors are required to read and abide by the General Rules, Health Regulations, and Livestock General Rules.

1. Due to space limitations an exhibitor, defined as the same farm or family, will be limited to entering a total of 20 animals.
2. On the entry form, under the heading "Breed", please list the tattoo of the animal being entered. Under the heading "Class", please list the appropriate corresponding letters as noted below (PB, PD or PE).
3. No premiums will be paid on Championship classes - rosettes awarded only.
4. This show is sanctioned by the American Boer Goat Association and ABGA Show Rules shall govern.
5. The show is open to all exhibitors. See limits listed above.
6. All goats must be registered in the herdbook of a recognized association before time specified by the show. Recognized associations include ABGA, International Boer Goat Association, USBGA and the Canadian Boer Goat Association. Original registration certificates are required, though a copy of a Registration Application, stamped with the date received by one of the listed associations, can be accepted for kids less than 3 months of age. Animals must be registered in the name of the exhibitor and must have been owned by the exhibitor on or before date determined by the show.
7. Only goats entered under their ABGA registration number and presenting their ABGA Certificate of Registration will be eligible to earn points for their actual placing in the show as described in the ABGA "Criteria for Ennoblement of a Boer Goat".
8. All goats must have legible tattoos or other means of permanent identification consistent with its registration certificate or the animal will be disqualified. The top 5 in the class plus the Champion and Reserve Champion goat's tattoos must be read and recorded. If the animal has a microchip as its permanent identification, the exhibitor is responsible for providing a microchip reader.
9. Birth dates, as listed on the registration certificate will be used to determine the class divisions. Take the show date and count back to the birth date to determine the age and the class for the animal.
10. All animals must be registered purebred, fullblood or percentage blood Boer goats. Percentage doe classes are for goats 50% to 88%, Purebred/Fullblood classes are for does that are 15/16 blood (94%) and higher; 31/32 blood (97%) and higher for bucks. Progeny of fresh does will NOT be allowed in the ring. At the discretion of the judge and the supervisor, goats may be let loose in the ring as a function of judging. The Champion and Reserve Champion classes will be chosen from the first and second place animals in that division of the show.
11. Any goat showing any pronounced defect or abnormality will be barred from the show in any breeding classes. Artificial coloring will be a disqualification as well as illegible tattoos or tattoos that are inconsistent with the goat's registration papers. Any doe over 24 months of age that has not kidded and cannot prove a current pregnancy will not be allowed in the show.
12. All goats must be appropriately identified and comply with USDA Scrapie Eradication Program Guidelines. Call 1-888-USDA TAG (873-2824) or visit the following website for more information:

Utah State Fair Pays:




Lot No.
1. 0 to under 3 months of age
2. 3 to under 6 months of age
3. 6 to under 9 months of age
4. 9 to under 12 months of age
5. Junior Champion
6. Junior Reserve Champion
7. 12 to under 16 months of age
8. 16 to under 20 months of age
9. 20 to under 24 months of age
10. Yearling Champion
11. Yearling Reserve Champion
12. 24 to under 36 months of age
13. 36 plus months of age
14. Senior Champion
15. Senior Reserve Champion
16. Grand Champion
17. Reserve Grand Champion

GROUPS - (Animals must be shown in individual lots to be eligible for groups)
18. Best Pair of Juniors - from lots 1-4, same sex
19. Best Pair of Seniors - from lots 7-9, 10, 11, same sex
20. Best Pair of Juniors - from lots 1-4, one of each sex
21. Best Pair of Seniors - from lots 7-9, 10, 11, one of each sex
22. Produce of Dam - 2 animals, any age, either sex
23. Get of Sire - 3 animals, any age, either sex
24. Breeders Herd - 1 buck any age, 2 junior does and 2 senior does, all to be bred and owned by the exhibitor.


Click here for a printable entry formClick here to enter online


** NEW **
DEPARTMENT 54 - Boer Goat 2nd Show

This show will be age lots only - no groups.

Ribbons and trophies will be awarded - but no premiums.





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